Boston is Closing at the End of December 2017

This is a difficult and also exciting post to write.  I knew this day would come, but it is still hard to make this announcement public.  It means it is real.  For those who are married, you might remember the feeling when you dropped those invitations in the mailbox.  Holy heck, this thing is happening!  

Ok; I'll just spit it out.

I have decided to close my Boston office at the end of this year.  This will give me the opportunity to focus on my Acton location and new projects that are underway.  

Yes. I'm excited and also really, REALLY nervous.

And sad. 

Sad because most of you reading this know me from my Boston location.  So many of you have been coming for years, and followed me from Copley, to the South End, back to Copley again.  How dedicated you are!  We have history.  You have told me you're pregnant, you're not pregnant, about your joys, your sorrows, your diagnoses, your wins.  

You sent me your baby pictures after months or years of struggling with fertility.  My oh my, those announcements warmed my heart. 

You came in after you ran marathons, completed triathlons, charity bike rides, or after a hard day at work and the most annoying co-worker has been driving you crazy. 

You just flew in on a redeye, and are exhausted, but you are so excited because your child skied her first black diamond while on vacation.  You needed to adjust to the jetlag, so you came in for acupuncture.

No matter what your story, your challenges, your celebrations, I feel honored to have been the person to listen, work with you, and know that acupuncture has helped you on your path.  

We will always be connected, and you are always welcome to drop me a line, (or come visit me in Acton!)  

My last day in Boston will be on Friday, December 29, 2017; a month from today.    

I have a team of local acupuncturists who I am working with to make sure you have care once I leave.  If you would like an introduction, please reach out and I'll connect you with a great practitioner.  All of the people I am working with are people I have known and worked with for years.  They are people that I love and have trusted with my patients when I go on vacation.  You will be in good hands.  

But, I am not closed yet!  Schedule your appointment now if you want a treatment by me between now and December 29.  

I hope that you keep in touch.  I have some pretty exciting ventures planned and I'll be writing more about it soon on social media.  Stay tuned...

Love and health,