Fertility Empowerment School


The Fertility Empowerment School

You're thinking you want to conceive a baby in 6 months to a year. You're a busy career lady who has a lot of responsibilities, and your business has been your 'baby' for a while now.

You've heard your friends talking, or perhaps you've seen a post about the importance of being healthy at conception, but you have no idea what that means, or where to start researching. You're an extremely busy professional, and you don't have an excess of time.

As a fertility practitioner, I get the opportunity to really know my clients, their wins as well as their struggles. Often, these clients come to me after spending a few months or even years trying to conceive, and desperate and in need of hope. While a good number of women are able to conceive within a few cycles and have a healthy pregnancy, there are plenty of other women who aren’t as lucky. We often have this false pretense that once we are ready to have a baby, we get pregnant right away. In reality, there is no guarantee. Our bodies are all very different, and there are so many other factors that could influence conceiving, much of it is rooted in stress and how we respond to it. Being as healthy as possible, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, when you start conceiving might help you not only conceive faster, but can help improve your chances of a healthy, full term pregnancy.

After seeing this pattern of struggle for so many years in clinic, I decided to develop a program to teach empowerment to these women.

Having a baby is a big, life changing event. Trying to conceive could potentially be a big, life changing event. Become empowered by learning how to understand your body's cues and all its' systems, learn about diet from a Chinese Medicine Perspective, meditation, dealing with the sometimes harsh medical community and others' opinions in a mindful, positive way. And much, much more! Apply now!