I am more committed to Angela as my acupuncturist than I am to my own doctor.

-Google Reviewer

Angela is amazing!   I have been going to her once a week for almost two years.   She is talented, professional and flexible. I look forward to our appointments every week.  I originally went to her for fertility but also enjoyed the benefits of her treatments for other ailments.   I would highly recommend going to Angela!
— Emily
I can’t speak highly enough about Angela and her acupuncture practice. I went to her for about a year and a half consistently, all the way through my pregnancy until the very end. I saw a marked improvement in my mood, recurrent hip pain, headaches, and the general woes of pregnancy. I’ve referred countless friends to her and my husband echoes my sentiments about her. Effective, patient, warm, and helpful in suggesting how to live a healthy life in general. I miss my weekly treatments and would recommend Angela to anyone.
— Sarah
I started going to acupuncture about 18 months ago as I was told it would be helpful for fertility and therefore pregnancy. Immediately I was reassured.  I met Angela and right off the bat I knew that I had made the right decision. Her temperament and demeanor was so relaxing and in moments I trusted her with all my feelings, concerns and my future. She really listened to me and helped me get my cycles on track, helped me to get pregnant and have an absolutely flawless pregnancy (after going to her 1 day a week) and delivery. I was pretty ill in the first trimester, lots of nausea and back pain. Angela helped me get through that difficult time. She became more to me than just someone helping with acupuncture and to better my health, she became someone that I trusted and shared many things with. She is excellent at what she does and her practice is absolutely perfect for anyone looking for treatment. I really felt like a priority and not just another random patient that many times I do feel at these large organizations. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking to improve their health!
— EM
I have taken my 10 year daughter dealing with anxiety to see Angela in her Acton location, and I couldn’t be more happy with everything about the experience! Angela is not only very knowledgeable, she is warm and welcoming, and very reassuring to my daughter, who was very nervous about getting acupuncture. My daughter now looks forward to seeing Angela for every appointment, and the treatments have been very effective!
— KM
I came to Angela with a myriad of ailments that my primary care physician was recommending pills to alleviate symptoms. I suffered from painful sciatica, psoriasis breakouts that covered most of my scalp, difficulty getting restful sleep, and struggles with weight loss. During my first visit my sciatica was acting up and within a few minutes into the treatment she asked me how my pain was and it had drastically reduced. After 2 months of treatment my pain has reduced to almost completely gone. Angela introduced me to a Whole30 lifestyle and I now have very few psoriasis breakouts and I’ve lost 18lbs in my first 2 months of treatment.  Angela is extremely talented and listens to what the root issues are and looks for solutions for you. I highly recommend you choose Angela as your acupuncturist.
— KL
The most effective Acupuncturist treatment I’ve had so far. I have seen 3 other local acupuncturists in the past and I have received more relief and faster results from Angela at Healthy Channels than the others. She is very attentive, caring and a great listener. I have seen her for everything from stress to back pain to lingering colds & flu and she always seems to get me back on me feet. If you are considering acupuncture, you need to see Angela. I highly recommend her services and her new office is beautiful and very easy to get to by car or train.
— AL
I’ve had a number of significant, sport-related aches, pain, and injuries over the last several years (e.g., post-op recovery from lumbar discectomy, bursitis, inflamed rotator cuff). Angela has done an exceptional job helping me manage pain during acute flare ups, and maintaining my overall wellbeing. I highly recommend Angela if you’re thinking about acupuncture - she is truly exceptional.
— AL
Most of the experiences that happened in my life were random, unexpected, coincidental, or if you prefer, fated — they just happened, outside of my anticipation. I met Angela at her office in the South End, and at that time, didn’t realize it was “a blessing in disguise”. We connected immediately and I was amazed at her attentiveness, listening skills, and mostly congruence during the acupuncture treatment. After sharing many long conversations about life, Chinese Medicine and herbs, I decided to spend quality time with meaningful people who were high performers. So, I hired Angela to be my Coach and work with me. She connected me with a Personal Trainer a year ago and I’m still progressing to a higher level of fitness in 2019. Just recently over the Christmas holidays, she challenged me to do the 21 day Sugar Detox Program and initially I said NO WAY - I LOVE SUGAR. Well, I was wrong again because I crushed it with another WIN! and I’m amazed how great it went. Angela is the person, who will expose you to new ideas and adventures. She is looking out for your long term health, as well. She’s concerned about your emotions, well being, and happiness and is the GROWTH FRIEND that you can trust with anything. By the same token, she can also make you have a good hearty laugh too. Also, its gratifying to know that she has your best interest at heart. If you want to go to the next level, it’s paramount to seek clarity in your life. A Coach will point the way for you and help you demonstrate the courage, which generates the energy to make things happen. Angela will introduce you to quality people with integrity and that’s why I hired her to be my Coach! So, don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. G O. F O R. I T.
— PR
It’s so refreshing to have a healthcare provider who will sit with you and really listen to what you have going on. Angela is an extremely thoughtful person and puts me at ease with every visit. I see Angela for general health maintenance, but I also have occasional shortness of breath. Angela will put pressure on my diaphragm and it will feel very tender and painful, but when the time comes to remove the needles the pain is gone and in place there’s a lightness in my breathing. Angela’s office is also a very calming atmosphere where some downtime becomes a welcome and much needed treat. My time with Angela serves as a reminder to slow down and enjoy life. I’m always surprised by how great I feel after a treatment. I feel like I’m floating down the street. Many thanks to Angela for being a truly caring partner in my health and happiness.
— EA
I originally came to Angela over a year ago at the recommendation of a trainer, to see if she could help with my seasonal allergies, since traditional OTC medications weren’t making a dent in it.  I admit, I was a skeptic, but I’m totally converted now. Angela made me feel welcome, answered all of my myriad of questions, and made the whole process feel easy and natural.  Her treatments made an immediate dent in my already-in-progress allergy season (walk in with a headache and blocked sinuses ... walk out feeling clear headed!).  After the season was over, I went for maintenance and just general wellness. Huge perks for me. This season, we worked together on some lifestyle changes as well as starting well before the season to boost my immune system.  This year, my allergies were almost gone! From a business perspective, one of the things I look for to feel I can trust someone is a lack of pressure for future appointments.  Angela’s never made me feel like I MUST book more appointments, and, with my season this year just about over, she actually suggested me living on my own, with the adjustments we’d previously made, and my immediate need for treatment over.  She’s really helped me solve my immediate issues, AND given me tools to manage on my own. If I need a touch-up, or in advance of next season, I will DEFINITELY return to her. I’d recommend her to anyone who asked (hence this review!), and would definitely go see her for other issues.
— WE
I was a non-believer and needle-phobe until I went to see Angela for seasonal allergies a couple of years ago.  Now I am a convert, plus the needles are more appropriately described as ‘filaments’, as they are just that thin!  Not only does Angela explain her craft, but she takes time to find out what other factors may be contributing to whatever issue you experiencing.  In fact, she keeps a record of your visits/ symptoms just as a Western medical doctor does, and makes notations during every visit. I leave Angela with a pressure-free head, able to breathe, and completely relaxed.  I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone. A pleasant surprise/ shock was that Angela tells me when she thinks I am no longer in need of her services - no life-long, never-ending series of treatments.
— SB
I went to see Angela , for migraines , headaches and stress . I always looked forward to the time . She listens and works out what you need . I found out things about my body I never knew . I used to have headaches daily and migraines were about 5 a month. With her help along with some advice in life style changes from the doctor I no longer have headaches and I’ve had 4 four migraines since last August . I feel fantastic. I am still working on the stress but not having a pounding head helps reduce it. You should make an appointment and go see her. I don’t see her now but I have sent friends to her who loved the experience too.
— OS
Angela is my favorite Acupuncturist by far.  I used to live in Boston and it was amazing being able to go to her all the time, but unfortunately I had to move.  I have not been able to find someone that helps as much as Angela. She has the most gentle touch and calming presence.  I would 100% recommend her and I have in the past. She goes above and beyond to make you feel important. She is the best you will find!
— Allison
I had never considered acupuncture before, and was quite unsure about the whole idea when I first met Angela.  She quickly converted me to a fan by essentially curing a neck pain issue that had resisted all sorts of other therapy including chiropractor and regular orthopedic approaches. Try it.  You’ll like it.
— BG
Angela has helped me manage my seasonal allergies and improve my energy levels.  She is a wonderful acupuncturist and I would recommend her to anyone. You won’t find anyone better.
— Ashley
I first began to see Angela for acupuncture a few years ago.  She is fantastic - extremely personable, knowledgeable, and helpful.  I always loved going to my appointments because I left feeling completely relaxed.  I sought help for fertility, headaches and stress relief and continued to see her for about two years.  She also prescribed Chinese herbs for a period of time which I felt were very helpful. I recommend her without hesitation!
— JA
I originally found Angela after searching on Yelp somewhat skeptically for an acupuncturist who could help with fertility problems. We had tried unsuccessfully for more than a year to get pregnant and I was willing to give it a shot. Three months of weekly treatments with Angela and - you guessed it- pregnant!! Then I pinched a nerve nursing the baby and it was unbearable. Angela fixed me in one session. I returned to her two months before my second pregnancy, and remain a convinced convert who believes she made it happen. Angela is as kind, gentle, soothing and therapeutic as it gets! Highly recommend!!
— EM
Angela has helped me with several issues dating back to 2014. I initially saw her for shoulder discomfort. Within a few treatments my shoulder pain was gone! This past month I sought Angela’s help with a sleep disorder. Angela spent a lot of time discussing anything that might have been effecting my sleeping through the night. Together we decided I would see her twice a week for a few weeks. I am sleeping better than I have in years. Angela is a dedicated professional. I highly recommend her.
— DC