• 'I am more committed to Angela as my acupuncturist than I am to my own doctor'. --Google Reviewer
  • 'I have suffered from a number of incidents of significant lower back pain over the last 7 years - and after a particularly bad episode in early January of 2010 tried acupuncture for the first time. I had already tried a number of more "conventional" treatments - with no improvement, and my surgeon was beginning to sharpen his scalpel as a last resort. At the time I went to see Angela Martin at Healthy Channels for the first time, I had no feeling at all down my left leg or foot - it was just numb - a series of physical therapy sessions and exercise sessions had not made any difference. From the first treatment, I walked more freely - and that first night I experienced heat radiating from inside my foot. My excitement was such that I woke up my wife to tell her - she did not appear to be as excited to hear the news! Over the next few weeks, each visit to Angela "raised the bar further" resulting in an immediate improvement either to my flexiblity, or to the increased area of sensation that was gradually returning in my leg and foot, or both. The improvement stayed until the next session such that by mid-March I finally had full sensation/flexibility in my leg/foot and any residual pain had gone. I combined some chiropractic treatment with the acupuncture in the last few weeks, but lay the credit to my improvement solely at Angela's door. I cannot thank her enough for her calm assurance and professional approach.'--Google Reviewer
  • 'I originally came to Angela over a year ago at the recommendation of a trainer, to see if she could help with my seasonal allergies, since traditional OTC medications weren't making a dent in it.  I admit, I was a skeptic, but I'm totally converted now.  Angela made me feel welcome, answered all of my myriad of questions, and made the whole process feel easy and natural.  Her treatments made an immediate dent in my already-in-progress allergy season (walk in with a headache and blocked sinuses ... walk out feeling clear headed!).  After the season was over, I went for maintenance and just general wellness.  Huge perks for me.  This season, we worked together on some lifestyle changes as well as starting well before the season to boost my immune system.  This year, my allergies were almost gone!  From a business perspective, one of the things I look for to feel I can trust someone is a lack of pressure for future appointments.  Angela's never made me feel like I MUST book more appointments, and, with my season this year just about over, she actually suggested me living on my own, with the adjustments we'd previously made, and my immediate need for treatment over.  She's really helped me solve my immediate issues, AND given me tools to manage on my own.  If I need a touch-up, or in advance of next season, I will DEFINITELY return to her.  I'd recommend her to anyone who asked (hence this review!), and would definitely go see her for other issues'.--Yelp Reviewer
  • 'The most effective Acupuncture treatment I've had so far. I have seen 3 other local acupuncurists in the past and I have received more relief and faster results from Angela at Healthy Channels than the others. She is very attentive, caring and a great listener. I have seen her for everything from stress to back pain to lingering colds & flu and she always seems to get me back on me feet. If you are considering accupuncture, you need to see Angela. I highly recommend her services and her new office is beautiful and very easy to get to by car or train'.--Yelp Reviewer
  • "I have been working with Angela for years and absolutely love going to her! She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough- and had come recommended to me initially by one of my best friends who went to school with her. I typically see her for general well being and health, but last year when I had bursitis and tendonitis in my right hip, her treatments was the ONLY thing, after 5 weeks of struggling in pain and limping around, that eliminated the pain, within 1 session!  
    Angela is one of the nicest people, and really cares to take the time and focus on your personal health and experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone- for specific conditions, or just recalibrate your body and energy in general'.--Yelp Reviewer
  • 'Angela is amazing and I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone I know. Beyond being extremely competent at what she does, Angela really cares about people and that shines through when you work with her.  Angela worked with me on preventing migraines.  We had several appointments, and it really made a difference.  I plan on seeing her again if I start getting migraines, but for the time being she helped me restore balance.  Angela asks excellent questions and really works with you to make positive healthy changes.  The acupuncture is very relaxing, and Angela is a joy to be around.  I even referred her to my 60 yr old father who was interested but skeptical about acupuncture and he was amazed at how much better he slept after an acupuncture appointment'.--Yelp Reviewer
  • 'I see Angela quite regularly and her treatments have been effective whether the issue is something like an aching back or shoulder, fighting off a cold, or simply feeling rundown and off-center.  One of the things I most value about Angela is her ability to listen. She's professional in her manner, and also caring and intuitive in her treatments and takes care to set the environment of the treatment room to what is comfortable for me. When I started seeing Angela, I'd experienced acupuncture only once before. She has shown me the breadth of ailments that acupuncture can treat. Each time after seeing her, I feel more open physically, and my mental state is clearer (even if that is not what I went in for!). I attribute this to both Angela's skills as a healer and her technical knowledge of the Chinese Medicine System. Whether new to acupuncture, or simply looking for a good practitioner, she's the one to see'.--Angie's List Reviewer
  • 'Angela is wonderful! I started going to Angela for weekly appointments in 2009 when I was trying to get pregnant. Angela was incredibly supportive from the start--and I left every session feeling de-stressed and re-invigorated. After just a couple of weeks I felt better overall--I believe the acupuncture was helpful to my quality of sleep, reducing my stress levels, and targeting recurrent neck/shoulder pain. And just a few months after that I got pregnant! I continued to see Angela during my pregnancy.  Fast forward and I began weekly appointments again with Angela several months ago as I try to conceive a second child. The situation is more challenging and she has been highly supportive and helpful.  I recently tried Chinese herbs in combination with acupuncture for several months and experienced an improvement in my cycles and their consistency.  I highly recommend her--she's tremendous to work with!'--Mindbody Exchange Reviewer